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Inspections are the Bridge between assumptions and reality.

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Rob has been designing homes and commercial buildings for over 26 years, with a specialization in green building designs.

Communication is the basis of all good design. By listening to my clients, I strive to understand their desires, expectations and budgets. Together we work to reach a mutual rapport where ideas become reality.

Architectural design fees are a small fraction of what it costs to construct a building. It’s the way that the bricks and sticks are designed to go together that creates the difference between an acceptable house and a home you love.

Homes and commercial buildings consume vast amounts of energy and materials. I strive to incorporate cost-saving efficiencies and state-of-the-art technologies into every design.

I have an extensive knowledge of building science and am an experienced carpenter, plumber and a/c technician. I know how a building is constructed, how to make it delightfully functional, and more so how to make it beautiful by design.

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