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Robert A. Andrys - Green Building Design Experience

Habitat for Humanity of Highlands County

This will be a green community for Habitat for Humanity of Highlands County that will be developed on the edge of town next to other sub-developments.  The site uses Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND) concepts that use pedestrian orientated design to create interactive neighborhoods that have sidewalks passing by front porches, homes that surround a community pocket park and retail stores that are at the edge of the development allowing for pedestrian access to them”.

View of community center, neighborhood park and basketball court

Porch side view looking down the street

View from one porch across the street to another

Casa San Juan Bosco in Arcadia, Florida

Casa San Juan Bosco

Casa Lullaby

Street View

Community Center

For more information on the Casa San Juan Bosco Green Delepoment click to view the PowerPoint Presentation

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