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www.NotSoBigHouse.com       Website for best selling books, “The Not So Big House” and “Creating the Not So Big House” by architect Sarah Susanka, a former instructor of Mr. Andrys. He has found both the site and books to be wonderful resource.

www.BuildingScience.com  A Boston based firm specializing in building technology with expertise in moisture dynamics, IAQ, energy efficiency an sustainable communities.   

www.FloridaGreenBuilding.org  This site offered by the Florida Green Building Coalition, a nonprofit Corporation, provides a statewide Green Building program dedicated to environmental and economic benefit.

www.AdvancedBuildings.org  This is a Canadian website geared towards environmentally appropriate building technologies. Although the site is geared more towards commercial buildings, the breakdown and explanation of building systems and materials is well done. This is an excellent site for those who are new to “green” building and design. For those familiar with sustainable design, the site lists many American Manufacturers and gives links to source information. 

www.EcoProducts.com  a complete list of environmentally friendly products for home office and the building industry.  

www.BuildingForHealth.com  an online catalog for environmentally sound building materials.  

www.Built-e.com  a green building materials order center which has a learning center including how-to projects.  

www.BuildingGreen.com  An online newsletter for environmentally responsible design and construction. Provides articles, reviews, resource materials, and products and services.  

Florida Yards and Gardens is an extension of the University of Florida website. The program addresses the problems of pollution and disappearing habitats by getting homeowners involved in saving the natural environment and water conservation. 

www.AlvaFL.org.  A Living Vision of Alva (ALVA) is grass roots citizens’ association for community planning for the city of Alva, FL co-founded by Rob Andrys, who is currently the Chairman of the Planning Committee.

www.Caloosahatchee.org  An local organization which promotes the protection and enhancement of the Caloosahatchee River.  

www.FGCU.edu  Florida Gulf Coast University requires as part of its educational experience, exposure to the issues facing the environment today. Articles and links can be accessed through this unique site.

www.FPL.com  For information on Florida Power and Light BuildSmart program, which supports construction for new energy efficient residential homes.

www.Gora-Mcgahey.com  A commercial architecture firm in the Fort Myers area.  


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