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Sustainable Designs

We are now more aware than ever of our responsibility to sustain this planet for the next generation.  By reusing the things we call waste, and applying our intellect rather than raw physical force, we can live with the environment rather than conquer it.  

This understanding allows a new way of creating buildings, and of living healthier, more fulfilling lives, both in terms of the materials that initially go into your home, and the continuing cost of energy, water and maintenance associated with all homes. 

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Sustainable Designs
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A Green Investment

In essence a green building is a harmonious combination of material sciences and working with nature.  

The benefits of building a Green home include: higher resale prices; lower maintenance costs; high-energy efficiency; and a healthier living environment.


Florida Green Building Coalition, Inc.  
“To provide a Florida green building designation resulting in environmental and economic benefits.”  




You have chosen to reduce the burden on the environment and add value to your new single-family home project through a voluntary green design designation as administered by the newly incorporated Florida Green Building Coalition, Inc. FGBC’s purpose is to provide you with the tools and guidance necessary to help you please your customer, as well as reward and promote your efforts as a Florida friendly builder.  

Why should you support a Green Design Designation?

Many homeowners are desiring, and some insisting, that their home be earth friendly, affordable to operate, and healthy to live in.  FGBC’s Green Home Standard is a tool that will guide you and your customer through the process of selecting green features that are cost effective, benefit the environment, and will fit in with your current practice.  The standard has been developed such that it is achievable by everyone and will be recognized as a statewide standard for the industry. 

Benefits of Achieving the Standard :

Benefits to the homebuyer:    
Benefits to the home builder:
Enhances the profitability of resale.        
Gain valuable promotion and advertising.
Enhances the affordability of operation.     
Differentiate your home from the competition.
Enhances the indoor air quality of the home.  
Homebuyers link environmental features with quality.
Increases the durability of the home. 
Increase customer referrals.
Provides for greater access to mortgage money.
Add to the marketing value of your homes.
Could eventually decrease taxes and impact fees.  
Reduce builder callbacks.
Reduces liability.

How the Program Works

For each green feature incorporated into the home, points will be awarded. Homes that acquire a minimum number of points qualify to receive the green home designation and both owner and builder will be able to take full advantage of the designation’s incentives. The pages that follow contain examples of recommended green criteria, however, innovative suggestions are encouraged. For many projects it may be impractical or even impossible to implement some of the recommendations. However, the wide array of available criteria will still enable any project to qualify. A software product will soon be available that facilitates customization and completion of the standard. A reference book will also soon be available in print and online that explains each of the criteria in detail including benefit/cost ratios where appropriate and associated environmental implications. Expected utility savings from energy and water conservation will also be included, along with suppliers of Florida friendly goods and services. 

Role of FGBC

FGBC is a non-profit organization of individual members with a broad range of backgrounds who develop and maintain the standards. Through promotion of its programs, FGBC distributes literature and press releases that feature green building success stories and builder profiles. FGBC members hold training workshops to facilitate incorporation of green building techniques and products, and are available for private consultation. Membership is open to anyone, and FGBC encourages all interested individuals to join the coalition, and take an active role in developing its programs. 

For more information visit FGBC online at: FloridaGreenBuilding.org

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