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Sound energy policy held hostage:


February 4,2002  

In my opinion a stimulus package should be used as an investment, an annuity of sorts.  The money spent should have long-term benefits to the recipients and the county.  If a tax cut is used to stimulate the economy, it should target the group of taxpayers that are shouldering the heaviest load, homeowners. 

There is a bill in congress sponsored by Senator Smith (R-NH) and co-signed by members of each party to give a tax rebate to homeowners and business owners who choose to make their buildings 30% more energy efficient.  The cost for these upgrades would be offset by the rebate. 

This is sound fiscal policy both in terms of a stimulus package and foreign policy.  The homeowners reduce their monthly energy bill by 30%, allowing more discretionary spending.  Business owners can use the savings to be more cost competitive.  It should be noted that the majority of the products that will be used are made in the USA , and the labor to install them is domestic.   

In terms of foreign policy, the reduced energy consumption provides more independence from foreign oil and the increasing troubles that come with that dependence.  More efficient use of oil also means less pollution and cleaner air.

Call your Congressperson and ask them to help move house bill S.2718 out of committee where it has been tied up for over a year by certain members of congress beholden to the oil corporations.  For more information about this bill go to www.floridagreenbuilding.org.


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