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Kingston Home

Dear Editor,


The measure of one’s life is sometimes said to be the collection of friends we amass.  What then is the measure of a city’s life?  What is it that sets a memorable city apart from the rest?  I believe it is a sense of history, of a definable lineage that outwardly demonstrates a city’s resolve to express its pride and exuberance in its architecture. 


The historic downtown commercial buildings are being resurrected to the delight of our community.  It is equally important that we also preserve the few residential treasures within the city. 


One of the most important and truly splendid historical homes is the prairie style Langford-Kingston home currently struggling for its life.  Without this home a piece of our heritage will never be told, except through a book.  Its possible demolition due to lack of community support would be a tragedy since they’ve already raised over half of the needed funds.  The relocation of this beautiful home across from the Burroughs home will create an inspiring gateway into our downtown from Palm Beach Avenue .  The benefit of moving this home goes beyond preservation; it will allow the Burroughs home to expand its functions, activities and thus revenues.

Therefore, I urge all the citizens of Lee County to help in this fundraising effort.  Donate $25 to move a brick or $100 to move a window.  Send checks to:


Lee Trust for Historic Preservation, Inc.

P.O. Box 1035

Fort Myers , Fl 33902-1035


or visit the website at www.Moveabrick.org


Together we can save this home and keep a magnificent friend from passing away. 


Rob Andrys

Alva, Fl



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