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The clients desired a two-story retirement home that allows them to control their energy costs and provide a healthy living environment.  A colonnaded hallway overlooks the great room and kitchen giving a sense of grandeur to the home.



It’s easy being “Green”


Kermit the Frog had it wrong.  Or he hadn’t yet met up with Eco-$mart, a unique Sarasota-based company proving throughout Southwest Florida that it is easy to be green.

An increasing number of homebuyers today are aware of limited natural resources and are becoming more socially responsible; they are looking for the building or home that is both environmentally friendly and economically sound.

Keith and Brigid Predmore, together with Eco-$mart and John F. Soave, Inc., are building the first home in Naples to be certified as a Florida Green Building Coalition “green home”, as well as a Florida Solar Energy Center “solar home.”  Additionally, the home will participate in the FPL Build Smart program as a “platinum” home and get the EPA “Energy Star” rating.

This 4,000 square foot home, designed by Fort Myers green architect Robert Andrys, has all of the features required for these ratings including:

·        An Insulated Concrete panel building structure (high thermal mass)

·        Spray foam under roof insulation (95% heat reduction)

·        Solar and tankless hot water heating (70-90% less power to heat)

·        High efficiency (18 SEER equivalent) evaporatively cooled air conditioning with heat pipe air handlers

·        Solar pool heating (no electrical or gas heating)

·        Bamboo flooring (a sustainable building product)

·        Recycled plastic carpeting

·        Low solar heat gain windows

·        High efficiency interior florescent lighting

·         Tubular sky lighting

·        Reduced landscape lighting

·        Drought tolerant plantings

·        Natural landscaping


Putting these features into their two-story Wilshire Lakes home may increase the cost up to 15 percent, but a nationally known mortgage company specializing in green home mortgages factors this into their loan.  Their data shows that a high-performance home will have far lower energy bills, thus allowing the owner to pay more towards the mortgage.   

Building this home is the culmination of Predmore’s lifelong belief that the current dependence on non-renewable energy sources is foolish and unnecessary especially in Florida where the abundance of sunshine makes solar energy easily applied.  In a typical south Florida home about 70 percent of the electrical power is used for air conditioning and heating hot water. Through new technologies those two power hogs can be reduced by more than 70 percent by using passive solar hot water heating and a high efficient evaporatively cooled air conditioner with a passive heat pipe air handler.

Higher energy savings are attained by combining these two systems with the AllWall system, applying spray foam insulation on the underside of the roof and using high efficient fluorescent lighting and daylighting.  It is estimated that the monthly savings in home operating costs will pay for these systems in about three years.

“The really neat thing about being green”, says Predmore, “is that the savings continue long after the systems are paid for.  The suns power is free”!   

Keith Predmore is a private construction management consultant, and represents Eco-$mart, a Sarasota based company specializing in sustainable and environmentally responsible building products and systems.  He is also a member of the building committee for Florida Gulf Coast University’s “Green Building Learning Center” to be built on campus later this year.


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